Libpolycomp  1.0
A compression/decompression library that implements the polynomial compression and other simple compression schemes
Libpolycomp user's manual

This is the documentation for the Libpolycomp library (, a C library for compressing one-dimensional numerical data series.

Libpolycomp has been written on a Linux 64-bit system, but it should be fairly straightforward to port it to other operating systems/architectures, as it is written using a portable sub-set of C89.

The API has been designed with the purpose of easing its call from other languages; a Python interface and a stand-alone program are available at the site .

The library offers the following compression schemes:

The library implements also a number of ancillary functions to compute least-squares polynomial fits (Least-squares polynomial fits) and discrete Chebyshev transforms (Discrete Chebyshev transforms).